Workshop on Novel Correlative Technique using NMR spectroscopy & Electron Microscopy (NMR, TEM and SEM) - JEOL YOKOGUSHI
Date : 05-Dec-2019
Venue : VMCC/ SAIF, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

About the workshop:

YOKOGUSHI is a Japanese word that describes JEOL's philosophy of providing customers with complimentary technologies to advance their research & development programs.

Yokogushi is a Cross-Platform Analysis technique where Electron Diffraction (ED) and Solid-State NMR can be combined through quantum computation to determine structures of nano- to micro- crystalline organic compounds together with their Hydrogenbonding network.

The JEOL Instruments namely, NMR (ECZ600R), FEG-TEM (JEM 2100F) & FEG-SEM (JSM 7600F) at SAIF, IIT Bombay cater to the Analytical needs of researchers nationwide.Click here for detailed brochure

Content of the Workshop:

The workshop will include lectures by Experts from JEOL, JAPAN as well as eminent scientists from India and will focus on the correlative techniques using NMR and Electron Microscopy and will also cover theory and applications of NMR, SEM and TEM.

Registration is open for Industrial users only. Kindly contact workshop coordinaters for details.

Convener: Prof. Anil Kottantharayil
      Co-Ordinator :Dr. Nutan Agadi
Dr. Bharati Patro

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