Gas Chromatograph with high resolution Mass Spectrometer (GC-HRMS)

            Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Details  

Make of MS : Jeol
Model : AccuTOF GCV
Specification : EI / CI Source
: Time Of Flight Analyser
: Mass range -35 - 800 amu
: Mass resolution - 5000
Make of GC : Agilent
: 7890
: FID detector
: Head Space injector
: Combipal autosampler

         A gas-chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer(GC-HRMS) is a combined analyzer that has a superior ability in analyzing organic compounds qualitatively and quantitatively. It has headspace facility and FID detector. It can go upto 280oc temprature.

  Type of analysis possible   
Sr.No. Type of analysisSpectra / Report provided
1GC with FIDGC chromatography with flame ionization detector (FID)
2GC-MSall peaks, library search
3Head space GCMSall peaks, library search

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 Gas Chromatograph with high resolution Mass Spectrometer Charges excluding GST  
IndustryNational Lab/R&D'sUniversityIITB User
GC MS (EI +ve or –ve )5000/-2500/-1000/-500/-
Headspace GCMS7800/-3900/-1550/-780/-
GC with FID detector3500/-1750/-700/-350/-