Q-Exactive Plus Biopharma-High Resolution Orbitrap Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
    Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Details  

Make : Thermo Fiseher Scientific Pte. Ltd.
Model : Q-Exactive Plus Biopharma-High Resolution Orbitrap
Specification : 1) Vanquish UHPLC for small molecules & Nano-HPLC for large molecules
2) Direct Infusion Mass with ESI & APCI (Positive & Negative mode (ionization)
3) Quaternary UHPLC with Variable Wavelength Detector Mass Spectrometer
4) Nano HPLC (Micro fluidic column) -Mass spectrometer

         Unique Features of the Q-Exactive Plus:

Characterize, quantify and confirm with unmatched confidence using the Q-Exactive Plus mass spectrometer.
. Advanced Quadrupole technology featuring Thermo Fisher segmented HyperQuad
. Resolving power up to 280,000
. Maximum scan speed 12 Hz
. Spectral multiplexing for enhanced duty cycle
. RF-Lens ion source for increased sensitivity
. Advanced Active Beam Guide intelligent ion beam management for high flux ion sources
. Intact Protein Mode option for characterizing intact proteins with ease
. Enhanced Resolution Option maximizing resolution at 280,000

  Working Principles   

         The Orbitrap is an ion trap mass analyzer that consists of two outer electrodes and a central electrode, which enable it to act as both an analyzer and detector. Ions entering the Orbitrap are captured through "electrodynamic squeezing," after which they oscillate around the central electrode and in between the two outer electrodes. Different ions oscillate at different frequencies, resulting in their separation. By measuring the oscillation frequencies induced by ions on the outer electrodes, the mass spectra of the ions are acquired using image current detection. Liquid chromatography / Mass Spectroscopy (LC / MS) is a technique which combines high performance liquid chromatography HPLC, a powerful analytical separation technique with mass spectroscopy,a powerful analysis & detection technique. There are two common atmospheric pressure ionization (API) LC/MS process: Electrospray Ionization (ESI) & Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI). Both are soft ionization technique. Q Exactive Plus provides fast, sensitive, reliable and confident detection and identification of compounds in complex mixture while maintaining full compatibility with UHPLC and fast chromatography. The HCD collision cell adds more functionality to the bench top system by providing Ion fragmentation while maintaining high resolution, accurate mass and high sensitivity.

  Main Features of Instrument   

     Mass Range (m/z): 50-8000 amu
     Resolution : 1,40,000 @ m/z 200
     (2,80,000 with Enhanced Resolution mode option)
     High Mass Accuracy (Typically less than 1ppm)
     High Sensitivity (500 fg of Buspirone, S/N 100:1)
     Ionization Method : API 1) HESI positive & negative
         2) APCI positive & negative
     Direct Infusion for Mass Analysis ( MS , MS /MS)
     Binary Nano HP- LC system with Mass as detector.
     Quarternary UHPLC with Variable Wavelength
         Detector Mass Spectrometer.

     Applications :
     Quantitative identification of Nitrosamine impurities
     “Proteomics”- Qualitative and Quantitative Proteomics identification
     “Metabolomics”- Metabolite identification from natural extracts (like plants, fruits, etc
     Metabolite identification from environmental samples
     “Lipidomics”- Qualitative and Quantitative Lipids Identification
     Intact mass identification & Peptide mapping
     Impurity Profiling
     Degradation studies
  Contact Us   

Contact: 022-2159 6874
Email: pradnyaj@iitb.ac.in,

  User Instructions   

         1. Expected structure or mass can be provided.
         2. Solvent for mobile phase should be mentioned or solubility of compound in volatile solvent
         3. As HP-LC is available in most departments, LC of submitted samples indicating the operation should be supplied along with the         sample.
         4. Currently, C8, C18 & others like cyano, amino, Si columns are available. You can submit the interest for separation or repeatability         of HP-LC run.
         5. For HPLC- UV analysis, the wavelength should be given.
         6. Protein samples should be properly digested and desalted.
         7. Source of the protein should be mentioned.
         8. MS-DS (Material Safety Data Sheet) should be given along with samples.
         9. Samples should not be toxic or hazardous. Samples will not be accepted unless MS-DS is given.

Software Details:
         1. Thermo Proteome Discoverer 2.2 & 2.5 for Protein identification
         2. Thermo Compound Discoverer 3.2 for Metabolite identification
         3. BioPharma Finder Software 2.0 (for intact mass identification, protein deconvolution and peptide mapping)
         4. Protein Deconvolution software
         5. Chromelon 7.0 Software for UHPLC
         6. Compound Discover 2.0 and MF 7.0 SR3 software for Metabolomics
         7. LipidSearch Software 4.2.29 for Lipidomics identification

 HR-LCMS Orbitrap Charges excludes GST  
For small molecules :

IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D'sIIT Bombay User's charges
Only HRMS6500/-1300/-3250/-650/-Per Sample
HRMS + compound formula & library search8650/-1725/-4325/-865/-Per Sample
LCMS with database (Plant extract,Impurity Profiling and Metabolite Identification, Degradation studies, and Environmental samples) 14500/-2900/-7250/-1450/-Per Sample

For large molecules like proteins :

IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D'sIIT Bombay User's charges
Protein Identification (for 1-hour)14500/-2900/-7250/-1450/-Per hour
Protein Identification (for 2-hours)29000/-5800/-14500/-2900/-Per hour
Sample Preparation (In-gel or In-solution Trypsin Digestion with Desalting) 6500/- 1300/-3250/-650/-Per Sample
Only Desalting of digested protein samples 4600/- 920/-2300/-460/-Per Sample

For Lipidomics :
IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D'sIIT Bombay User's charges
Qualitative and Quantitative Lipids Identification 14400/-2875/- 7200/-1440/-Per hour

For Intact Mass :
IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D'sIIT Bombay User's charges
Intact Mass of Proteins Peptides and Oligonucleotides 16000/-3220/- 8050/-1600/-Per sample