High Resolution Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
    Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Details  

Make : Agilent Technologies, USA
Model : 1290 Infinity UHPLC System,1260 infinity Nano HPLC with Chipcube, 6550 iFunnel Q-TOFs
Specification :
1) UHPLC & NanoHPLC for small molecules as well as for large molecules
2) Direct Infusion Mass with ESI & APCI (Positive & Negative mode ionization
3) UHPLC PDA Detector -Mass spectrometer

  Working Principles   

         Liquid chromatography / Mass Spectroscopy (LC / MS) is a technique which combines high performance liquid chromatography HPLC, a powerful analytical separation technique with mass spectroscopy ,a powerful analysis & detection technique.
         There are two common atmospheric pressure ionization (API) LC/MS process: Electrospray Ionization (ESI) & Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI). Both are soft ionization technique.
         Agilent iFunnel technology combines highly efficient electrospray ion generation and focusing of Agilent Jet Stream technology with a hexabore capillary sampling array and dual-stage ion funnel for increased ion sampling and transmission.
         NanoHPLC combined with mass spectrometer can analysed small molecule as well large molecules like proteins
         UHPLC separations can be detected by PDA & Mass spectrometer as different detectors.

         MS/MS function:
             A. Sample Injection
             B. Ionization
             C. Fragmentation (CID)
             D. Ions travel through Quadruple and Time flight tube and reach the detector on the basis of their m/z value.

  Main Features of the Instrument :   

    Mass Range : 50-3200 amu
     Resolution : 40000 FWHM
     High Mass Accuracy (Typically less than 1ppm)
    Sensitivity (1 pg. Reserpine S/N 100:1)
     Ionization Method : API
         1) ESI positive & negative 2) APCI positive & negative
     Direct Infusion for Mass Analysis ( MS , MS /MS)
     UHPLC PDA Mass Spectrometer.

Qualitative Analysis & Quantitative Analysis

     Impurity Profiling
     Metabolite Identification
     Pharma & biomedical applications
     Amino acid profiling of 22 amino acid
     Degradation studies
     Environmental samples

  User Instructions ;

         1. Expected structure or mass can be provided.
         2. Solvent for mobile phase should be mentioned or solubility of compound in volatile solvent
         3. As HP-LC is available in most departments, LC of submitted samples indicating the operation should be supplied along with the sample.
         4. At present C8,C18 & others like cyano, amino, Si columns are available. You can submit the interest for separation or repeatability of HP-LC run.
         5. For HPLC PDA analysis, wavelength should be given.
         6. MS-DS (Material Safety Data Sheet) should be given along with samples to ensure that there sample being given. Samples should not be toxic or hazardous. Samples will not be accepted unless MS-DS.

  Contact Us   

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         Email Id : pradnyaj@iitb.ac.in

 HR-LCMS Charges excluding GST  

For small molecules :

Industry UniversityNational Lab/R&D's IITB User
Only HRMS6500/- 1300/-3250/- 650/-Per Sample
HRMS + compound formula & library search8650/- 1725/-4325/- 865/-Per Sample
LCMS with library (Plant extract, Impurity Profiling, Metabolite Identification, Degradation studies and Environmental samples) 14500/-2900/- 7250/- 1450/-Per Sample
HPLC with PDA detector8050/- 1610/-4025/- 805/-Per Sample
HPLC with PDA detector for amino acid profiling8050/- 1610/-4025/- 805/-Per Sample
HPLC + PDA detector + HRMS Spectrometer with library16000/- 3220/-8050/- 1600/-Per Sample
Amino acid sample preparation6500/- 1300/-3250/- 650/-Per Sample