High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)

         Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Details  

Make : Element XR,
Model : Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany
Detailed Specifications :
       The salient features/Specifications of the system are as follows:

Magnetic Sector (High Resolution) Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer System with all required accessories like cooling water system and various mass flow Controllers for Argon and Helium Gas with Laser Ablation System.

(a) Magnetic Sector (High Resolution System) with computer controllable resolution from almost 300 to greater than 10,000 at FWHM
(b) Mass Range: 1 to 240 amu with automatic resolution control.
(c) Sensitivity: (Concentric Nebuliser) better than 109 counts per seconds for 1 ppm of In

(d) Quantification Limit: Better than 1 ppt.
(e) Dynamic Range: Linear for 12 decades, i.e. 1012
(f) Dark Noise: Less than 0.2 counts per second.
(g) Signal Stability: Better than < 0.5 % RSD over 30 minutes
Better than <1 % RSD over 1 hour.
(h) Mass Stability: <10 ppm over one hour
< 20 ppm over 10 hours.
(i) Scan Speed: (Magnetic) 1 to 240 amu in less than 70 ms.
(j) Scan Speed: (Electric) less than 1 ms / jump irrespective of mass range.
(k) Oxides & Doubly charged Ions: BaO+ /Ba+ less than <0 .002 %
Ba2+ / Ba+ less than <0.02 %
(l) Radio Frequency Generator: 27 MHz with 2 KW RF Power with automatic Reflected power matching network and fully protected against over load and heating. RF section air - cooled and load coil water cooled with its own standalone heat exchanger.
(m) Plasma Torch: Full demountable torch with sample tube (ceramic / Sapphire injector) suitable for HF based solutions and additional injector for organic solvents. Computer controlled three Argon Mass Flow Controller for torch and nebuliser.
(n) Nebuliser: Concentric Nebulizer for normal acid based solution with flow rate of 50 micro-litre / min and 100 micro-litre / min. Suitable Nebuliser for HF based solution with cyclonic spray chamber.
(o) Spray Chambers:
1. Dual Cyclone double pass Quartz Spray chamber for high accuracy measurement compatible with Peltier cooling.
2. PFA Spray chamber for ultra trace analysis and HF based solutions.
3. Peristaltic Pump: For constant (regulated) sample flow and drain.
(p) Peltier Cooling System: Fully Computer controlled Peltier cooling system for accurate temperature control with quartz / PFA Spray chamber.

  Working Principles   

         High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (HR-ICP-MS) is an analytical technique used for elemental determinations. We are equipped with a Thermo Scientific ELEMENT XR, a high performance, double focusing magnetic sector field ICP-MS. Aerosol samples are transported into the core of the inductively coupled argon plasma which generates temperatures of 6000-10000 degrees C, where they are completely desolvated and ionized. The resultant ions are separated and collected by mass to charge ratios. The system can detect element from Lithium to Uranium except the noble gases and the elements which do not get converted to positive ions (F).

  User Instructions

         1. Sample should be submitted in solution form specifying the elements to be estimated and their approximate concentrations expected, but the Total dissolved Solid in the solution should not exceed preferably 500 ppm.
         2.Generally 10 ml of solution is sufficient for estimation of about 10 to 15 elements
         3.For special samples like rocks / ore samples, appropriate standards along with the samples should be submitted by user.
         4.Explosive, poisonous samples and samples giving rise to toxic gases/fumes cannot be undertaken for ICP-MS analysis.
         5.There is no upper limit for the number of samples acceptable for ICP-MS laboratory.
         6.The nebulizer of the instrument is made out of PFA material, but spray chambers are of Glass, quartz and PFA, hence user should specify if their samples have HF content.
         7. The concentration of analyte in samples should be less than 100 ppb for ICPMS.
         8. Kindly provide the standards for e.g. rocks so that Matrix interferences can be avoided.

  Contact Us   

     Contact : 022-21596871
     Email Id : icpms@iitb.ac.in

 High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer Charges includes GST  
IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D'sIIT Bombay Users
Standarization & Estimation 3776/-708/-1770/-300/-Per element/sample
Subsequent sample per element944/-177/-425/-75/-Per element/sample
Sample Preparation 7080/-1328/-3186/-560/-Per Sample