Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

                 Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Details  

Make : Xenocs SAS
Model : Xeuss 2.0

         SAXS is an analytical characterization tool used to determine the structure of particle systems in terms of averaged sizes or shapes. The materials can be solid or liquid and they can contain solid,liquid or gaseous domains (so-called particles) of the same or another material in any combination. The method is accurate, non-destructive and usually requires only a minimum of sample preparation. Applications are very broad and include the metal, cement, oil, polymer, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries and can be found in research as well as in quality control.

The state of the art machine just installed at SAIF IITB provides opportunities to analyze samples in various environments (ambient, low and high temperature, high pressure, and flow conditions).


X-ray Source: (Dual Source Module)
     GeniX3D Cu 30 Watts Cu tube with 50 KV  0.6mA current
     GeniX3D Mo, System shielded microfocus tube ( 50 Watts-50 kV/1 mA)
Optics: Single reflection multilayer parabolic mirror.
Slits: Single crystal scatter less slits ( S1, S2)
Detector: Eiger R 1M with vacuum feed through set high resolution hybrid pixel photon counting detector with a 75 µm pixel size
Automation: SpecFE based software to control motors slits, etc.
Data Acquisition: Foxtrot
Analysis Software: Xsact software provided by Xenocs for basic modelling, and SASfit software freeware provided.

Accessories :

     Capillary Flow Cell
     High temperature sample stage (-150 ⁰C to 350 ⁰C)
     Tensile Stage (0-200N) with humidity :
     Operating temperature range: -150 ⁰C to +250 ⁰C without the relative humidity Generator
     Multisample holders for powder and gels
     Multipurpose X-ray Temperature stage (-30⁰C to 150 ⁰C)
     Capillary cells of different sizes
     High Pressure cell GiSAXS module
     Shear Cell System ( ambient to 350 ⁰C)


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 Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Charges excluding GST  

 IndustryUniversity National Lab/R&D'sIITB Internal Users 
SAXS Analysis 6000/-2400/- 3000 /-1200 /- Per Sample/Per Spectrum
With Flow Cell 7000/-3000/- 3500/-1500 /- Per Sample
With Shear Cell 7000/-3000/- 3500/-1500 /- Per Sample
At High Pressure 10000/-4000/- 5000/-2000 /- Per Sample
With Tensile stage with humidity 10000/-4000/- 5000/-2000 /- Per Sample