Stylus Profilometer (STYL-PRO)

         Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Specification  

Make : Bruker
Model: DektakXT
Stylus: 2 um Radius, 12.5um Radius

  Measurement Option  

Scan Type : Standard Scan
Static Tower scan
Static scan
Map Scan 3D
Range (vertical): 6.5 um
65.5 um
524 um
1 mm
Profile: Hills
Hills & Valleys
Stylus Force: 1 mg - 15 mg
Scan length: scan length between
50 um to 55 mm

  Working Principle   

         Stylus profilometers use a probe to detect the surface, physically moving a probe along the surface in order to acquire the surface height. This is done mechanically with a feedback loop that monitors the force from the sample pushing up against the probe as it scans along the surface. A feedback system is used to keep the arm with a specific amount of torque on it, known as the ‘setpoint’. The changes in the Z position of the arm holder can then be used to reconstruct the surface. The DektakXT system takes measurements electromechanically by moving a diamond –tipped stylus over the sample surface according to user-programmed scan length, speed and stylus force.

Because a stylus profilometer involves physical movements in X, Y, and Z while maintaining contact with the surface, it is slower than non-contact techniques. The stylus tip size and shape can influence the measurements and limit the lateral resolution.

  Instrument Capabilities  

The DektakXT stylus surface profiler is an advanced thin and thick film step height measurement tool.
Profiling surface topography and waviness.
In addition to taking two-dimensional surface profile measurements, the DektakXT system can produce three-dimensional measurements (3D Mapping) also.
Stress Measurement for calculating tensile or comprehensive stress on processed wafers.

  Area of Applications

      Metal etch uniformity on wafers
     Solar cell finger width and height
     Thin-film stress calculations
     Transparent films/photoresist thickness, thin and thickfilm measurements
     Microlens height/curvature and V-groove depth analyses
     Roughness studies on machined parts
     Surface quality and defect review
  User Instruction  
Substrate Dimension: Provide solid samples Min- 1 cm x 1 cm, Maximum 10 cm x 10 cm (size either in the form square/ rectangular/circular).
Kindly mark the sample side for the analysis.
Base of the sample should be flat for mounting on sample holder.
Samples should be in dry form. Sample preparation if any should be done at user end (cutting the sample).
Chemical Allowed: No wet chemicals allowed. No sticky and soft sample allowed.
MS-DS (Material Safety Data Sheet) should be given along with samples to ensure that samples should not be toxic or hazardous.

  Contact Us   

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         CRNTS/SAIF IIT Bombay
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  Stylus Profilometer Charges   
Scan TypeIITB Internal User
Per sample
External Academic User
Per sample
National Lab User
Per sample
Industry User
Per sample
1D or 2D scan260390 (GST 18% extra)975 (GST 18% extra)1950 (GST 18% extra)
3D Scan(Mapping per Hour)520780 (GST 18% extra)1950 (GST 18% extra)3900 (GST 18% extra)