Field Emission Gun-Scanning Electron Microscopes (FEG-SEM)

    Kindly download Analysis Request Form and Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Details  

Model : JSM-7600F
SEI Resolution : 1.0nm at 15 kv
  1.5nm at 1 kv, in GB mode
Magnification : Low: 25X to 10,000X
  High: 100X to 1,000,000X at 4x5 photo size
Accerating Voltage : 0.1 to 30 kv
Probe Current Range : 1 pA to ≥ 200 nA

   The JEOL JSM-7600F FEG-SEM combines two proven technologies
– an electron column with semi-in-lens detectors and an in the lens Schottky field emission gun
– to deliver ultrahigh resolution combined with wide range of probe currents for all applications (1pA to more than 200 nA).

The JSM-7600F successfully integrates a full set of detectors that make it ideal for: anotechnology, material science, biology, compositional and micro-structural analysis.

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1. A Requisition letter addressing Head,SAIF/CRNTS along with DD of required amount should be send by post or submitted in person to SAIF/CRNTS office, IIT Bombay,Powai, Mumbai-400076.

2.If you are not suppose to be present at the time of appointment please mention as much details as possible like
      a. Expected features you are looking for. (If available send a representative picture also)
      b. Up to what magnification images you want.
      c. About nature of your sample like whether it is conducting OR non conducting.
      d. If it needs to be dispersed in any solvent (for powdered sample).
      ( If required attach a separate sheet.)

3. Once your Requisition letter along with DD will be received in SAIF then only you can be given an idea of tentative date of appointment.

4. The users will be informed about their date & time of slot by e-mail.

5. The samples should be dry and should withstand high vacuum ( ~ 10 -5 Pa). Wet biological sample can’t be done in FEG-SEM

6. The sample size should be less than 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 10 mm (height) and the side opposite the side of interest, should be flat (to enable sample mounting). The smaller the sample height the better.

7. The user is welcome to be present in the laboratory during analysis.

 FEG-SEM Charges includes GST  
(In Rs.)
National Lab
(In Rs.)
(In Rs.)
IIT Bombay
(In Rs.)
 SEM Image (Surface OR Cross Section)   1239/-   3098/-   6195/-  525  Per Sample
 SEM Image (Surface + Cross Section)   1770/-   4425/-   8850/-  750  Per Sample
 EDS   354/-   885/-   1770/-  150  Per EDS analysis
 EDS Mapping   708/-   1770/-   3540/-  300  Per EDS map
 WDS   708/-   1770/-   3540/-  300  Per WDS analysis
 WDS Mapping(For 3 element maps)   1416/-   3540/-   7080/-  600  (For 3 element maps)
 WDS Mapping(Above 3 elements maps)   1888/-   4720/-   9440/-  800  (Above 3 elements maps)