Focused Ion Beam -Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM)

  Instrument Details  

Make : Thermoscientific
Model : Helios 5 UC
Electron Beam Column Specification:
Electron Source : Thermal Schottky Field-emitter.
Accelerating Voltage : Up to 30kV continuously variable.
Probe current : Continuously variable in the range of 0.8   pA – 100nA
Electron Beam Resolution : 0.6 nm @ 30 kV (STEM Mode)
  0.7 nm @ 1 kV
  0.6 nm @ 15 kV

FIB Column Specification:
Accelerating Voltage : Up to 30 kV, continuously variable
Ion Gun : Gallium liquid metal ion source available.
Probe current : It covers the range from 1 pA to 65 nA or larger.
Imaging Resolution : 2.5 nm @ 30 kV

  Working Principles   

         The Helios 5 UC model combines the Scanning Electron Beam (SEM) and the Focused Ion Beam (FIB) in order to achieve analysis at
nano-scale resolution. The instrument is equipped with different detectors, GIS systems and micromanipulator which make it ideal for to
perform high-resolution imaging, nano-patterning, material deposition, milling, TEM lamella preparation etc.


1. Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS): Thermo Fischer Scientific UltraDry EDS Detector ; 100mm² active detection area ; Norvar
    Window with proprietary evacuated tube design for detection sensitivity to Be ; 129eV resolution at Mn K-alpha

2. Retractable STEM Detector: , For Bright Field/Dark Field/High Angle Annular Dark Field imaging of thin samples.

3. GIS for deposition and etch: Ion and e-beam assisted deposition sources includes Platinum, Carbon and Insulator (SiO2).

4. Micromanipulator: For easy lift-off of lamella.


1. TEM lamella preparation
2. Site specific Cross sectional imaging , 3D Slice and View
3. Precision machining for micro tools
4. HR imaging, Low kV HR imaging , SEM/STEM imaging , Ion beam imaging
5. Nano-fabrication and Nano-patterning

  Contact Us   

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  Instructions for User   

1. Users would need to do online registration for their sample analysis. Before proceeding further, please review How to Use Facility and
    Payment Procedure for more information. Before registering the samples for this facility, users are requested to contact the
    FIB-SEM lab and also provide the details pertaining to Points 2&3. You may decide the charges to be paid after mutually understanding
    the requirements pertaining to Points 2&3.

2. For SEM Imaging / EDS Analysis, please fill the Material Safety Data Sheet inorder to understand the sample analysis
    requirements. Click on the link to fill a MSDS form to upload in the online registration portal for external users.

3. For TEM Lamella preparation / FIB Patterning / Slice & View, please fill the Material Safety Data Sheet inorder to understand the
    sample analysis requirements. Click on the link to fill a MSDS form to upload in the online registration portal for external users.

4. After the online registration is completed, the appointment will be scheduled as per the queue.

5. The users will be informed about their date and time of slot by e-mail.

6. We prefer that you or your representative, who knows / understands the sample / material, should be present on the day of appointment.

7. After registration, samples can be send by post or submitted in person to SAIF/CRNTS office, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076.

 FIB Charges (Excluding GST)  
***This is an introductory price. The charges may be reviewed at 6 months.
 Academic National Lab Industry IIT Bombay Unit
 SEM Imaging / EDS Analysis   3600/-   9000/-   18000/-   1800/-  Per Hour
 TEM Lamella preparation *   6000/-   15000/-   30000/-   3000/-  Per Hour
 FIB Patterning **   6000/-   15000/-   30000/-   3000/-  Per Hour
 FIB Slice & View   6000/-   15000/-   30000/-   3000/-  Per Hour

* TEM Lamella preparation requires minimum 4 hours.
**  FIB Patterning requires minimum 2 hours.