Field Emission Gun-Transmission Electron Microscope 300kV with STEM , EDS and EELS
(FEG-TEM 300kV)

    Kindly download Material Safety Data sheet and submit the hardcopy of filled sheet along with your sample

  Instrument Details with Technical Specification  

300 kV FEG-TEM
Make & Model : FEI Tecnai G2, F30
Resolution : Point : 2.0 Angstrom Line : 1.0 Angstrom
Magnification : 58x to 1 million x
Accelerating Potential : 300 kV

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS): EDAX Octane ELITE T70

Liquid Nitrogen free Peltier cooled high resolution, high speed silicon drift detector
70mm² with solid angle of 0.4Sr
Windowless and capability to detect Be to U
129eV resolution at Mn K-alpha

STEM: Bright Field/Dark Field/High Angle Annular Dark Field detectors

Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS): Model 965 GIF Quantum

A post column Energy Filter with Dodecapole-based optics for very low image distortions for EFTEM imaging, mapping, and spectroscopy and optimized STEM-EELS mode, operating with a separate computer running on 64 bit PC hardware and Win 7 OS environment with latest version of GMS s/w suit for capture and processing.

Energy Resolution (eV FWHM) 0.10 eV with 2.5 mm aperture (GIF-contribution only)
Aperture Size (mm): 2.5/ 5/ 9
High Speed Camera: 1 ┬Ás Electrostatic Shutter
Energy Field of View: 2000 eV


     Nano science/Nano Technology
     Micro/Nano electronicse
     Thin Films
     Polymer science
     Energy science/Engg.
     biological and life sciences
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  User Instructions   

External Users (other than IIT Bombay):
       1. A requisition letter addressed to Head, SAIF along with a printout of electronic fund transfer (NEFT) proof should be sent by post or submitted in
       person to SAIF office, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076.
       2. Once your requisition letter along with the payment proof is received by the SAIF office, your appointment will be scheduled as per the queue.
       3. The user will be informed about the appointment date and time by e-mail.
       4. The sample can be loaded on a carbon coated copper grid or can be made in disc form, 3mm diameter, with a thinned (electron transparency)
      central area.
       5. It is desirable that the user is present in the TEM lab at the time of the appointment for better utilization of the facility.
       6. Before proceeding further, please review How to Use Facility and Payment Procedure for more information.

Internal (IIT Bombay) Users:
       1. The user should register online.
       2. An appointment will be given as per the queue and the user will be informed by an email.
       3. The new user is requested to contact TEM Lab before registration.

 HR-TEM 300 kV Samplewise format, Charges without GST  

IndustryUniversityNational Lab/R&D's IIT Bombay Users
Imaging12000/-3000/-6000/- 1500/-Per Sample
EDS (Spectrum only) 7200/-1800/-3600/- 900/-Per Area
EDS (Spectrum + image) 9600/-2400/-4800/- 1200/-Per EDS analysis
Mapping 9600/-2400/-4800/- 1200/-Per EDS map
Line Scan 9600/-2400/-4800/- 1200/-Per EDS Line scan
EELS 18000/-4500/-9000/- 2250/-Per EELS analysis